--Think twice before pointing to someone's character because sometimes they are pretty clear that your negative image lead to break the relationship!

--To be loved by someone is damn precious thing in life! Moreover, loving someone with same manner is the adorable feeling ever! Everyone has not guts to love or to be loved. But, they have! They save our country and we should respect their love and sacrifice towards our country. We can't sacrifice our comfort,but they give their life.. Just for them come out from the comfort zone , make India clean and maintain silence for them!

--Every time happiness is not our side. Of course, there is a time when you see your happiness only in dreams! But don't let yourself down because happiness is how live not we dreamed of!
#sabdnisafar ;-)

--Some subjects are too much sophisticated that either you are fully known or unknown! Though it is engineering students will pass!
#midsem ;-)

--It is not a day to discuss the matter about women! It is a day to decide that we should give necessary freedom and absolute equality to them. We are trying to get their presence in society and stop the vulnerable acts towards them. It is a day to promise that we are not teasing them on the road and they have also right to feel free everywhere! To judge a womanhas been the biggest mistake ever we did! Let's celebrate this day as a learning day for all men!
Yeah! We can and We Will!

--In love, staring of each other’s eyes is so seductive that words never can explain because words may be forgotten or change, but with eyes, if you close it her face remains as it is!!

--Let's cherish our love to someone who gives not only a memory, but a moment to live! Write a letter for special one---Bind your love with emotions and feel her every word of sensation!

--Sometimes in life there is a stage when loved ones are not with you or the persons who are loved with your personality are not able to understand you. Is it their fault or Is it ours? Don't know! And also we don't have to get serious about that because every day is not the day we dreamed!! The thing we have to follow is to love and care for them because they can't hide their love, the way they can do is just pretending what they feel! ❤

--It is good to be introvert because secrets make you precious. Otherwise outgoing persons are taken for granted nowadays!

--Sometimes there are some unpredictable things that happen in a few minutes and you never thought that it was a memorable moment of your life! It will change your mind and mood. Hence, Elders said that every person has its Time! Its up to you that you can feel it and make it special!


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